Inspired by our love of flavour and combining natural botanical sourced locally and from all over the world we have created a delicious Korean-style cocktail to celebrate the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics.

We’ve chosen to use the popular Korean botanicals include Yuja, a Korean citron fruit, which has a zingy tart flavour – think a citrusy combination of that mandarin orange, lemon, and grapefruit. The fruit is traditionally used to make Yuja Chung – a Korean marmalade and is used on hot tea to sweeten.

This makes it the perfect addition to our Cornish Cup Hot Toddy for a Korean twist.


50ml Curio Cornish Cup
200ml Ginger Beer – we recommend Franklin & Sons for a Hot Toddy
1 heaped tsp Yuja Chung (lemon/ orange marmalade as an option if you don’t have a good Asian store nearby)


Gently heat the ginger beer until hot, add the tsp of yuja chung and let this dissolve into the liquid. Pour over the Cornish Cup into a highball glass. Add a wedge of yuja (or orange) to garnish. Enjoy!

Find our more about Korean Yuja Tea and Yuja fruit via The Spruce