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Tag - gin

The Beauty of Botanicals


Craft gin makers are the witches and wizards of the alcohol world They are the perfume makers, the alchemists, the magicians, stirring potent brews late into the night, casting spells on our taste buds, doping our senses with the heady smells of flowers and leaves, seeds and bark, fruit and spices. No craft gin maker worth their juniper will reveal their secret recipe, and unsuspecting gin quaffers are often left guessing at a distiller’s recipe, which can range from the…

10 of the Best Books for Gin Lovers


Get your geek on! No one could have predicted the meteoric rise of gin over the last five years: craft distilleries are booming, discerning gin quaffers are demanding pink grapefruit and black pepper over lemon, and you can even receive your favourite gin in the post. But punters aren’t content to just sip on their Tanquerays and cucumber as the bubbles of a fine Fever Tree tonic burst upon their tastebuds, they’re thirsty for knowledge – they want to know…

The Perfect Serve – G&T the Curio Way


Sipping perfection – how to make the best g&t It’s a familiar story – the quinine, malaria, the British Empire and a deceptively simple recipe –gin, tonic and lemon. But that historical heavyweight and national treasure – the g&t – has become tricksy and aloof as we’ve developed ever more sophisticated gins and ever more demanding palates. So what does constitute the perfect g&t? Here at Curio Spirits, let’s just say our ‘gin-pertise’  and quaffing qualifications make us rather well…

Summer Sipping – why a summer cup is your best option


It’s time. When the sun shines on England’s green and pleasant land, a kind of delirium grips the country, from lobster-red beach bods to blackened BBQ chicken legs, fuelled by cans of lager and the cheaper end of the white wine spectrum. Swap the lager or the wine for that oft-neglected cocktail however – the summer cup or the fruit cup – and the English summer is transformed. Out of madness comes sophistication: Wimbledon, strawberries and cream, picnics in the…

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