It’s time. When the sun shines on England’s green and pleasant land, a kind of delirium grips the country, from lobster-red beach bods to blackened BBQ chicken legs, fuelled by cans of lager and the cheaper end of the white wine spectrum.

Swap the lager or the wine for that oft-neglected cocktail however – the summer cup or the fruit cup – and the English summer is transformed. Out of madness comes sophistication: Wimbledon, strawberries and cream, picnics in the long grass, naps in the hammock, al fresco dining.

A summer cup is a traditionally English drink, most commonly gin-based with an added mixer such as lemonade or ginger ale. Herbs, spices, fruits and botanicals are then added to lessen the potency of the drink and heighten the taste, tea is often a favourite flavour-enhancer and thirst-quencher.

The result? Sophistication in a glass that won’t have you sweating and cavorting red-faced in the midday sun. A summer cup demands slow appreciation and supping. If afternoon tea, the epitome of elegance, were a cocktail, then this is it. And what better excuse to swap your amber cuppa for something a bit more special to celebrate those rare moments of sunshine.

Our own Curio Cornish Cup has gone one step further. Inspired by the traditional punch used in the British Navy during the 17th century, we’ve blended summer elegance with a splash of history.

The recipe uses Curio Mullion Dry Gin as a base to lessen the sweetness and up the freshness as well as a careful selection of botanicals including rich, malty Assam tea and the exotic touch of cardamom pods and cinnamon to re-create the taste of Chai tea. A touch of Cornish honey and Cornish-grown lemon verbena give a citrussy-sweetness that is crying out for a generous slug of lemonade and thyme or ginger beer to create the ultimate convivial drink, perfect for summer entertaining in the garden. Goodbye madness, hello summer sophistication!

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