This past year has been a host of many celebrations, overcoming challenges and expansion in the world of Curio. 

But what better time to reflect on all of these experiences than at the end of it all with smiles on our faces and an entire new year with new experiences to look forward to. 

From having started this year in lockdown with everyone in the same boat, wanting to do things, and explore, we tried to make the best use of the time by being proactive – and we took the challenge of creating Curio Hard Seltzers. We wanted to create something for our customers that was clearly Curio with a host of flavours to explore. We seemed to pull it off and won two Golds at the Taste of the West Awards in the summer.

Coming out of lockdown we were eager to be at the forefront of peoples minds, having not been able to see customers for months, we decided to add a retail arm to our distillery and open up a shop. We began searching for a shop unit, now based in Porthleven. We wanted existing and new customers to have the opportunity to come and speak to us, know more about Curio and give them new experiences with our gin tasting and cocktail making classes. 

The summer months were spent multitasking with all the jobs of constructing our spaces whilst distilling and running the business, it was challenging but we don’t shy away from the hard work and pulling out all the stops when necessary. All in all, it was an experience of enjoyment, excitement and a lot of hard work.

With new premises and in the final months of 2021, we’re delighted to welcome two new team members, Milo Howes as Distillery Assistant and Beth Foote as Marketing and PR Assistant who will both play a key part in promoting the Curio brand. We also received the winning position for the LUXlife Food & Drinks awards that were recently announced, which was an absolute delight to hear. 

We’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!